The quilt block shown is made from a pattern called "Garden of Hollyhocks" and is found in Norma Whaley's book "Sweet and Simple".

Saturday, September 16, 2017


More Stonefields blocks to share with you though not all are block designs by the pattern designer.  I am substituting blocks to suit myself.  Some by Kay McKenzie and Jeana Kimball.  Or from my Electric Quilt program.

I like the fussy cut bird on the block below.

The frame fit fairly well around this fussy cut basket of flowers.  The background is a French General fabric.  I was hoping to be able to use the basket somehow in the quilt.

The fussy cutsbelow are from a French General fabric.  The alphabet fabric is by Blackbird Designs.  I have used that alphabet fabric as background in a few of the blocks.

Notice the flowers.  They are from a Civil War print.

The fussy cuts pieces are from a French General fabric.

I decided to make another block utilizing the oval frame.  I showed some blocks using it in a previous post.

This block is from a Kay McKenzie pattern called "Bluebells".  I like the fussy cut reverse applique center.

The letter "K" is for my name and came from a French General fabric.

I have five blocks left to prep and stitch.  And I may replace one block that I made.  I have not shown it but it turned out a bit smaller than I need.  I could sew it with small seams when I start putting everything together.

You may have noticed that I am not using actual green fabrics for the leaves and stems.  I had navy blue in one block.  Mostly, I have been using gold fabrics that had a bit of green tone to them.  Just wanted something different.

I will post more block pictures soon as I have several more done.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cacti and Baskets

Time for sharing more blocks for Linda Brannock's "Flowers" quilt I am making.  The first block pattern is called "Cacti" and is a very prim version of a cactus style plant.

The next block is not a flower but a section of three baskets.  They were to be paper pieced but not my favorite thing to do so I do them applique style.

Cathy at "Big Lake Quilter" will be sharing pictures of her blocks.  Pay her a visit to see them.

We made it through Hurricane Irma.  We may need a new roof though no shingles are missing and a cable on the pool screen enclosure broke.  A couple parts of spouting came loose and blew into the yard.  A skylight is leaking.  It did not leak much but the drops landed on a quilt that had some red fabric and the red ran.  Odd that the wall hanging had been washed and the red did not run at that time.  The lake behind us came way up into our yard but did not get as far as the screen enclosure for the pool.  Our street flooded and the water came up into our yard as far as a big tree that is in the front yard but did not make it to the house.  Thankful that the rains slowed down during the night and the water began to recede.  We were without power for about 18 hours and without water for part of a day.  Then a boil water notice after that.  There are still people without water and power so we feel fortunate to not have had to go without for a long period.  It was uncomfortable with the heat and humidity and no air-conditioning.

We were not able to find any bottled water to purchase before the storm.  A tip was given on the newcasts to use large zip lock plastic bags, fill them 3/4 full, and freeze.  Then they could be thawed for drinking water.  I did that but the water tastes like thawed ice which I am not fond of.  It also helped keep the freezer cold when we had no electric.  We have eaten out three times since the storm.  Many restaurants, gas stations, and stores are not open yet.  The restaurants open are all using bottled water.  The restaurants that are open are very crowded with people who are either without power and water or are tired of being stuck in their homes.  One restaurant we ate at twice was charging $2.50 for a bottle of water.  We heard a lot of people grumbling about the price when they got their bill for their meals.  Our daughter brought us some bottled water yesterday.  One thing I discovered is that we no longer have a manual can opener and I need to find one to have on hand.  I used to have one but we could not find it.  That meant changing a meal plan during the power outage.

I had filled one of the bath tubs with water before the storm so that we would have water to flush the toilets with if needed.  We could have used the pool water if necessary.  Parts of our community are asked to only use water for personal hygiene as the waste water lift stations are not fully operational.

We have a lot of tree leaves, branches, and twigs to pick up out of the yard but is is too hot and humid right now to deal with it.  I will stay inside and work on quilt projects.

We are thankful that we made it through the storm without too many problems.  Friends and family scattered throughout Florida experienced the same kind of problems as we did but nothing serious happened to any.  We are glad.


Monday, September 4, 2017

More Stonefields Blocks

I am sharing another batch of Stonefields blocks with you today.  Again, some are a single block from a pattern, some have two or three.

I have more blocks ready to share but don't want to overload you with all in one post.  The pattern requires 120 six inch blocks and I have 97 done.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Linda Brannock's Flowers

Time for sharing the latest block in making Linda Brannock's "Flowers" quilt.

This pattern is titled "Bluebells".  A fun one to stitch. Most of the pattern parts for all of the blocks have been larger in size making for easy stitching.   Cathy should have her block posted today and you can visit her blog here.  We plan to do two blocks for sharing on the 15th of September and a finish in October.

Thank you for taking time from your busy day to visit my blog.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Blocks Update

More blocks for the Stonefields quilt I am working on.

If I were to make more of the above block design, I would cut the leaf like shapes differently.  I would make the four underneath shapes combined into one piece.  Would be easier to stitch the top ones over.

I brought out a long neglected quilt project.  It is Minnick and Simpson's "Austin Bluebird Sampler".  The pattern is a combination of pieced and applique blocks.  Here is my latest applique block.

I made my last block for the Shenandoah Botanical quilt.  I chose to make a fourth pineapple block instead of a block that looked very similar to another I had already stitched.  I plan on placing the four pineapple blocks in the four corners of the quilt.

That's it for today.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Life of Plenty

I am back working on "A Life of Plenty".  It was a block of the month presented by Jenni from the Willow.  Below are the blocks I had finished.  I was encouraged by a fellow quilter to join the Facebook group that is working on the quilt.  Thus the reason for renewed interest.  This is as far as I am.

I discovered I had made an error in the width of the one flower block.  To solve the problem (rather than make a new one), I added a piece of a different fabric to each end.  If it bothers me too much down the road, I will work on an alternate solution.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Coxcomb and Hearts

Another flower block from Linda Brannock's pattern called "Flowers".  This one is titled "Coxcomb and Hearts.  Cathy from Big Lake Quilter should have her block posted today also.  We are moving along at a steady pace.  Lots of half square triangle units to make after the applique blocks are done.  We are enjoying working on the same pattern and giving encouragement to each other.

The color in the picture is showing a bit darker than the block actually is.

Thank you for the visit.